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What are the main applications for LED flood lights?

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Update time : 2021-12-01 14:16:17
Because LED floodlights are environmentally friendly, energy-saving, diversified color temperature and long service life, they do not have high requirements for the use environment. They can be applied to indoor, outdoor or large public places. Therefore, professional LED floodlights are subject to various Respected and loved by industry users, but due to the particularity of the material and technology of the floodlight, the current floodlight is mainly suitable for the following three application scenarios:

1. Various types of building lighting
Because LED floodlights have a long service life and can be intelligently controlled, they can be used to brighten the appearance of some large buildings. Some users also use this kind of colorful and artistic lighting in order to increase the night effect of scenic spots. light. In addition, for some public landmark buildings, LED floodlights can also be used for lighting design to better highlight the characteristics of the city.

2. Indoor lighting
LED floodlights are also very suitable for the lighting and decoration of indoor spaces. Because the color of the floodlights is soft, many users use them in interior lighting design. By using LED floodlights, the entire space looks more interesting. And the connotation, there are some users who consider the cost of the lamp, in order to effectively reduce the replacement rate of the lamp, they will also replace the ordinary lighting facilities with the daylighting lamp with a longer service life.

3. Commercial lighting
LED flood light has a variety of dynamic lighting effects, so it is widely used in various stages, performances and entertainment venues. Because LED floodlights can control color changes and light brightness through digital intelligence, both static lighting effects and dynamic lighting effects can be perfectly presented, which can provide excellent lighting effects for various commercial lights.

At present, the popular LED floodlights are suitable for scenes in addition to some large-scale buildings, public facilities, and indoor and commercial lighting. LED floodlights are easy to install and operate, and can also be used in some outdoor large-scale electronic screen industries. In this type of equipment, this type of projection lamp can better improve the screen brightness and color resolution. With the continuous improvement of the research and development technology of the flood light, the application places of the LED flood light will also be more extensive. 

What are Flood Lights?
Flood lights are great lighting fixtures that emit a broad beam of light. As the name suggests, flood lights are used to flood an area with light. It is the best way to provide an enormous amount of non-natural light to an area.

LED floodlights are highly energy efficient and have a higher lumen per watt output than any other conventional lighting system. They are used for many purposes and also allow a range of lighting techniques.

Applications of Flood Lights
The broad beam of flood lights is used in a number of ways across many objects and areas.

Manufacturing Plants and Construction Sites
Industrial units require high-intensity lighting systems for various processes. Most of these units run 24x7 which raises the need for optimum lighting even more. LED floodlights are the preferred lighting solution in these areas because of their high lumen output.

Ports are another major area of application for flood lights. Such areas are open 24x7 which requires maximum illumination at night. LED flood lights are powerful lighting fixtures that are a natural choice for such applications.

Façade Lighting
Façade is among the most critical areas of a building. It is the front area of the building that faces the street. Different lighting techniques are incorporated using LED flood lights to highlight such areas. The primary purpose of this type of illumination using flood lights is to highlight principal façades such as the logo of a company.

Architectural Buildings and Monuments
Architectural buildings and monuments boost an area’s worth. Some of these structures are a mark of a country’s pride and culture. Flood lights are used to illuminate these structures at night while enhancing their architectural splendour. Lighting techniques like accenting and wall-washing are often used to highlight monuments. The precise broad beam emitted by LED flood lights achieve this aim and are an optimum fit for lighting such buildings.

Why Consider Flood Lights with LEDs?
There is no debate between LEDs and conventional lighting systems anymore. LEDs are by far the most innovative lighting solution and excel in every way. Below are some reasons why LED flood lights are the choice of the future.

Energy Efficient and Maintenance Free
One of the chief benefits of using LED fixtures is their energy efficiency. They are the most competent lighting solutions and have revolutionised the lighting industry. LED lights perform far better than any other conventional lighting solutions, have high efficacy and display superior performance. Due to their technological advantage, LEDs produce more light per wattage of power used. It results in superior illumination and less usage of power.

High Lumen Output
Lumen output is the measure of the brightness of any light source. The higher the lumen output, the brighter is the light source. LEDs have a high lumen output that makes them perfect for flood lights.

Excellent Thermal Management
LED lights are far cooler than any other commercial lighting source. The excellent thermal management system reduces the heat generated, which is an added advantage, especially in the areas such as manufacturing plants and ports. We at Wipro Lighting have continually innovated to provide the best in LED lighting solutions. Our flood lights come with high efficacy LEDs with an active thermal management system that reduces heat output significantly.

In the wake of the environmental crisis, LED lights have proven to be highly effective. They are free from toxic elements and contain no lead, mercury or glass – typically found in conventional lighting solutions. They are safe for the workforce and the environment.

Flood lights have many applications and their use cases make them highly prevalent. These lighting fixtures serve some primary purposes but also some secondary ones such as safety, especially when working outside.
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